Survey on definitions of term "pesticides"


At the 7th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Rotterdam Convention, Parties called on the Secretariat to address problems in submission of import responses stemming from Parties employing different definitions of pesticides. Following this request, the Secretariat sent out a questionnaire in 2016 to seek information from Parties.

At the 8th meeting, the Conference of the Parties in further considering the matter, agreed that the work on the survey on different definitions and the preparation of a comprehensive analysis of the responses and a description of the potential implications of the use of different definitions including options for how to address them should continue. The survey was then relaunched between November 2017 and February 2018.

Out of 160 Parties to the Rotterdam Convention, 40 responded to the survey. In addition to the information collected from Parties, the Secretariat conducted online further search of definitions of the term “pesticides” for the Parties that did not respond to the survey. This search revealed information for 51 additional Parties. The analysis of the information collected is available on document UNEP-FAO-RC-COP.9-INF-7.

1. Responses submitted by Parties


Items: 41   
Australia560.14 K  
Benin 72.5 K 
Bosnia and Herzegovina673.94 K  
Botswana73.5 K  
Brazil81.72 K  
Burkina Faso 39 K 
Cameroon75 K  
Chad 74 K 
Colombia  63.64 K
Cook Islands72 K  
Côte d'Ivoire 73.5 K 
Democratic Republic of the Congo 72 K 
El Salvador  282 K
Gambia52.42 K  
Georgia76 K  
Ghana54.74 K  
Guinea 47.79 K 
Guinea-Bissau 74.5 K 
Iran (Islamic Republic of)43.99 K  
Iraq75 K  
Japan22.59 K  
Lesotho71.5 K  
Lesotho214.28 K  
Madagascar 73.5 K 
Malaysia74 K  
Mauritania 75 K 
Montenegro72 K  
Mozambique74 K  
Namibia223.92 K  
Niger 75.5 K 
North Macedonia207.5 K  
Russian Federation14.18 K  
Sao Tome and Principe75.5 K  
Senegal 208.5 K 
Serbia18.12 K  
Sri Lanka52.71 K  
Togo 78.5 K 
Tunisia 134.5 K 
Ukraine22.03 K  
United Republic of Tanzania74 K  
Yemen19.12 K  

2. Results from the online search

Results from the online search were obtained from the FAOLEX database, except for the United Kingdom, for which the respective information were accessed from its official government website.

Compilation of definitions of pesticides collected from other sources