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Save the date:  Dates and venue for the 2021 BRS COPs
The Basel Convention’s COP-15, the Rotterdam Convention’s COP-10 and the Stockholm Convention’s COP-10 will be held back-to-back in Geneva, Switzerland, from 19 to 30 July 2021.
New Executive Secretary (FAO) appointed for the Rotterdam Convention
Mr Rémi Nono Womdim, Deputy Director of the Plant Production and Protection Division of FAO, has been appointed as Executive Secretary (FAO) of the Rotterdam Convention, effective 15 February 2020.
WEBINAR: The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit
Tuesday, 31 March 2020, 14:00 - 15:00 PM (Rome Time - CET) The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit is a decision support system for pesticide registration authorities in low- and middle income countries, designed to assist in the evaluation and authorization of pesticides. It provides links to many ...
Opportunities published for supporting global work towards the sound management of chemicals & waste
Now available online: Overview of concept notes for voluntary contributions for implementing the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm conventions, as approved by COPs in 2019.
85 million children engaged in hazardous labour affecting their health through exposure to toxic substances, says UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
The 43rd Session of the Human Rights Council addresses children’s rights to a healthy environment, as UN report shows that 25% of infant deaths are from preventable, environmental hazards.
New Rotterdam Convention video shows how science underpins decision-making on chemicals
Efforts towards sound management are backed up by science, nowhere more so than in the work of the Chemical Review Committee, as highlighted in this new short film.
Outcomes online of the 15th meeting of the Chemical Review Committee
The final version of the CRC-15 meeting report and decisions taken is now available in all United Nations languages.
Final Report of Rotterdam Convention COP-9 now online
The report of the ninth meeting of the conference of parties is now available online in the six UN languages.
Sub-regional workshop on pesticides equivalence builds capacity amongst Parties in Latin America
More than 50 government officials from 10 different countries and representatives of the private sector gathered recently in Buenos Aires. A new partnership between the Rotterdam Convention, industry associations and national registration authorities is envisaged. See the Argentinian government&rsqu...
UN experts recommend stricter trade measures for PFOA
Read the BRS Press Release summarising outcomes of the 15th meeting of the Chemical Review Committee of the Rotterdam Convention, which concluded 10 October 2019 at FAO headquarters in Rome.
More than 100 participants attend regional meeting to boost implementation of the Basel and Rotterdam conventions in Africa
Dakar, Senegal, hosts a capacity-building workshop for governments and other stakeholders working towards the sound management of chemicals and waste, including plastic waste. Funding support kindly provided by the Government of France.
Amendments to add two new chemicals to the Rotterdam Convention enter into force on 16 September
The amendments to list hexabromocyclododecane and phorate in Annex III enter into force on 16 September 2019. Parties are invited to provide import responses by 16 June 2020.
Four new chemicals to be considered for Rotterdam Convention listing: background preliminary documents now online
The Chemical Review Committee (CRC-15) meets from 8 to 10 October in Rome and will consider four new chemicals. Parties and Observers are now invited to comment.
Meeting report from the recent Rotterdam Convention COP now available
The meeting report of the recent COP-9 meeting is now accessible (advance English version).
Follow-up to RC COP-9 decisions on sound management of chemicals
Parties and observers are kindly asked to respond to requests from the recent COP for follow-up to decisions taken in May.
Funding support available for sound management of chemicals and waste
The French government’s new fund supports activities in support of the global chemicals conventions in developing countries, and has a deadline for project proposals of 4 October 2019.
Behind the Scenes at the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions 2019 COPs - video
Watch the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions “Behind the Scenes” video for a better understanding of how the Triple COPs work.
Latest edition of the Rotterdam Convention PIC Circular now online in English, French and Spanish
The BRS Secretariat is proud to publish Edition XLIX of the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Circular, a key mechanism for the exchange of information on hazardous chemicals.
Highlights of the 2019 BRS COPs captured on video
Watch key parts of the Triple COPs, including the moment Parties decided, by consensus, to amend the Basel Convention to tackle plastic wastes.
New era for plastic waste management as governments agree landmark actions on chemicals and waste
The 2019 Triple COPs concluded successfully with a raft of decisions to protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals and wastes, including plastic waste.
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