The SHPF Kit

Guidance on how to monitor and report incidents of pesticide poisoning caused by Severely Hazardous Pesticide Formulations.

Since the text of the Rotterdam Convention was adopted, a limited number of  proposals under Article 6 for listing an SHPF have been submitted. This is despite  widespread anecdotal evidence that a number of pesticides cause significant harm to human health and  the environment under the conditions of use in many developing countries.

It is obvious that many countries face challenges in meeting their commitments to collect and share data on the impacts of SHPFs. The kit is designed to assist in this effort. It currently focuses on reports of health-related incidents..

Developed by the Secretariat, the kit is based on the experience gained in the initial activities relating to SHPFs and in consultation with the Designated National Authorities (DNAs) from several Parties.

The kit brings together elements aimed at raising awareness of the problems, provides assistance in understanding the requirements of Article 6, plan and report monitoring activities and finally access further readings on the subject.

The information contained in the SHPF kit is available below. Copies of the kit and accompanying DVD can be obtained by contacting us at:

  1. What is pesticide poisoning?
  2. The Rotterdam Convention and pesticide poisonings
  3. Developing a pesticide incident reporting system
  4. Additional key information