Technical assistance

The Secretariat, upon request, can provide assistance to bring together actors and stakeholders to develop a national system for pesticide incident data collection, monitoring and reporting.

The Secretariat offers assistance for reporting on pesticide incidents to Parties who are developing countries or countries with economies in transition. The technical assistance programme for SHPFs brings together national stakeholders such as government ministries, NGOs, farmers, academia and others to define objectives, financial resources, target groups, and other aspects of an incident reporting system. The programme implies collecting data in the field, monitoring and reporting on pesticide incidents involving severely hazardous pesticide formulations to the Secretariat.

The approach so far has been to either conduct a survey to gather information on poisoning incidents, or to develop a community based monitoring system. The Secretariat is able to adapt the programme based on national needs.

Information on technical assistance activities past and present for SHPFs can be accessed here.

To request assistance for such activities, please contact indicating interest and providing information on desired activities and objectives.