First meeting of the Rotterdam Convention Compliance Committee (CC.1)

Geneva, Switzerland; 16-18 November 2022

Venue: International Environment House I, 11-13 Chemin de Balexert, CH-1219 Châtelaine

Highlights: The Committee is expected to consider its mandate related to specific submissions regarding Party implementation and compliance, and initiate its work on the review of systemic issues of general compliance based on the work programme for 2022-2023 adopted by the Conference of the Parties. It will also consider its draft 2024-2025 work programme, as well as the date and venue of its second meeting. The Committee is also expected to convene a joint session with the fifteenth meeting of the Basel Convention Implementation and Compliance Committee to discuss issues of common interest.

There are currently no specific submissions to the Committee however the Committee is expected to consider its mandate in this regard so as to be in a position to assist Parties should such submissions be made to it.

Under its general review mandate, the Committee is expected to consider activities of its work programme related to laws, regulations, policies, procedures and other measures to implement the Rotterdam Convention, notifications of final regulatory actions, exports of chemicals listed in Annex III, information exchange and submission, and enhanced cooperation with the Basel Convention Implementation and Compliance, and integration in United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework processes.

Organizer: Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention

Working Language: English

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