Chemicals awaiting a matching notification of final regulatory action from another PIC region

The Secretariat would like to draw attention to the over 200 notifications of final regulatory action for chemicals not yet listed in Annex III that have been verified to contain the information requirements of Annex I of the Convention.

In order for any of these chemicals to be considered for inclusion in Annex III of the Convention and the PIC procedure, another notification would be needed for the same chemical from another country in another PIC region that meets the information requirements of Annex I of the Convention.

DNAs are encouraged to give priority to submitting notifications of final regulatory action for any of these chemicals, along with any other chemicals that have been banned or severely restricted to protect human health or the environment.

Benefits of notifying

Notifications are an important source of information on chemicals for all Parties. Summaries of notifications are published in the PIC Circular and on the Convention’s website to inform Parties of national actions taken on a chemical to protect health or the environment. Parties are then alerted to potential risks associated with a chemical and can, for instance, consider if risk management measures need to be taken in their own territories. Ultimately, if the chemical is added to the PIC procedure, Parties will be able to take informed decisions on whether to allow its import.


Article 5 of the Convention outlines the procedures for notifications of final regulatory action. Under Article 5, any Party that has taken a final regulatory action should notify the Secretariat in writing. Notifications submitted should contain, where available, the information requirements set out in Annex I of the Convention. The availability of the information outlined in Annex I should not prevent a Party from submitting a notification and fulfilling its obligations under Article 5.

To facilitate the submission of notifications, a standard form for notification of final regulatory action is available.

In preparing a notification, DNAs may draw upon technical expertise from any relevant source. DNAs may wish to communicate with the pesticide registrar, national registration committees, or any other relevant authorities involved in chemicals management nationally or regionally.

Parties are reminded of the following sources of information on chemicals and chemicals management that are available and which provide information in evaluating the use of chemicals under national conditions:

  • PRiME tool, which can assist in evaluating the risk of pesticides according to local conditions of use
  • Cross-cutting issues, a publication containing numerous documents and web links to sources for information relating to chemicals management


A publication providing guidance to complete the form for notification of final regulatory action is available. This publication gives explanations on the different sections of the form and outlines the information requested, thereby enabling DNAs to more easily submit notifications.

Notifications submitted previously by Parties, which may also be useful to consult in the preparation of notifications, can be viewed here: Database of notifications of final regulatory action.

The Secretariat is available to provide assistance to DNAs in the completion and submission of notifications. The Secretariat can provide information on the Convention, the forms, experiences of the Chemical Review Committee, and many other aspects relating to notifications, including assisting to put DNAs in contact with further sources of information or expertise.

DNAs are also encouraged to communicate with their colleagues in neighbouring countries that are Parties to the Convention and that may be able to assist in taking action and in completing submissions of notifications.

For further information on the preparation of notifications, please contact the Secretariat:

Pesticides: Mr. Aleksandar Mihajlovski (

Industrial chemicals: Mr. Suman Sharma (