Final Regional workshop on data survey pesticide exposure and vulnerable groups


The workshop was organized by PAN-UK, Rotterdam Convention and partner organizations.

Workshop Objectives

The purpose of the final regional workshop of the GCP/RER/040/EC project component “Protecting farmers and vulnerable groups from pesticide poisoning” (small project component addressing outcome 2.4 of a large EU-FAO partner project) was for the countries to share data and lessons learned across the region, identify common issues, discuss potential future collaborations related to risks deriving from pesticide use in the region, provide recommendations for the next steps and prepare action plans on the way forward.

Target Audience

The target audience included national NGO partners from the six countries Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine; Designated National Authorities to Rotterdam Convention; Government representatives -national focal points.

Workshop Documents


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Report with specific recommendations based on the evidence gathered in the baseline studies, potential next steps and action plans to follow at national and sub-regional level were presented during the workshop by all countries.

All countries improved considerably in their technical capacities to fully implement the Rotterdam Convention, with 2 countries being real champions who might want to assist other countries in the region to also move further ahead. During the project period, 37 additional import responses and 1 SHPF proposal have been submitted.


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