Southern African Pesticide Regulators Forum (SAPReF) Strategic Planning

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the workshop were to share information and experience on best practices with respect to the management of chrysotile asbestos; address country needs including through technical assistance, discuss strategies for the management of chrysotile asbestos and elimination of asbestos-related diseases; share updated information on health risks and cost associated with the use of chrysotile asbestos as well as its alternatives; and train participants on how to use the recently developed toolkit for the elimination of asbestos-related diseases.

Target Audience

The target audience would include the decision-makers and the Focal points of the Rotterdam Convention from India, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Workshop Documents


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The workshop consisted of discussions on 5 topics:

  1. use of chrysotile asbestos and sectors involved;
  2. legal and administrative measures for regulating the use of chrysotile asbestos;
  3. health impacts of asbestos on workers and the general public;
  4. alternatives to chrysotile asbestos;
  5. waste containing chrysotile asbestos.

The programme also included presentations by WHO and ILO, training on the toolkit for the elimination of asbestos-related diseases; and discussions on country needs and challenges in the management of chrysotile asbestos. For the discussion on 5 topics, the participants provided information with regard to the situation in their respective countries. The information and responses provided were compiled and presented during the discussion sessions. The workshop was attended by 38 participants, representing 8 parties to the Rotterdam Convention, 2 United Nations bodies and specialized agencies,1 Basel Convention Regional and Coordinating Centre, 7 non-governmental organizations, as well as four experts. As a follow-up to the workshop, the participants agreed that information provided by the participating countries will be compiled by the Secretariat for the purpose of information sharing.