3rd Meeting of the Programme Steering Committee of the Programme “Improving capacities to eliminate and prevent recurrence of obsolete pesticides as a model for tackling unused hazardous chemicals in the former Soviet Union”


The workshop was organized by PAN-UK and Rotterdam Convention.

Workshop Objectives

The objective was to present the implementation of the RC component of the project and the positive impact achieved so far with this work.

Target Audience

The target audience was members of the Ministries of Agriculture, Environment, NGOs, Green Cross, European Commission, PAN-UK, UNEP.

Workshop Documents


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The meeting reviewed overall progress of the whole 7 Mio USD project and further steps to be taken. The Secretariat together with PAN UK are well within their workplan and have implemented some of the tasks already ahead of time. In addition, progress in the ratification process of Azerbaijan and Tajikistan has been reported back to the Secretariat. Georgia and Kyrgyzstan have submitted numerous import responses and Georgia in addition also one SHPF proposal. Contacts with new DNA from Kazakhstan have been strengthened. Overall, a very positive impact on the implementation of the Rotterdam Convention has already been achieved.

Contact Information

Christine Fuell: Christine.fuell@fao.org