Multi-stakeholder consultation on pesticide exposure of vulnerable groups in Former Soviet Union (FSU) countries.


The consultation was organized by PAN UK and Rotterdam Convention.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives were:

  1. To meet DNAs to facilitate the implementation of the Convention and touch basis on the main obligations;
  2. To reinforce the relations with key national institutional stakeholders (Environmental Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health etc.);
  3. To provide technical support for the initiation of the survey on pesticide exposure of vulnerable groups;
  4. To capture lessons learnt during the mission regarding the survey implementation that can be shared with other implementing partners, particularly at a national level.

Target Audience

The target audience was DNAs of the Rotterdam Convention, local NGO Biom and other stakeholders.

Workshop Documents


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Data continue to be collected via a specifically developed questionnaire, which is used in interviews of farmers with the help of local NGOs (here: BIOM). Final desk studies have been developed.

Contact Information

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