Reducing children’s exposure to pesticides

FAO recently unveiled a new e-learning course designed to raise awareness about the importance of managing pesticides and ending child labour in agriculture.

The two-hour course which focuses on pesticide risk reduction – and targets agricultural policy-makers – aims to build specific practical skills. It takes participants through a series of scenarios related to the real problematics of working in agriculture and dealing with pesticides.

“This is an invaluable resource, giving all those who sit the course a greater insight into the very real dangers toxic chemicals pose to humans and the environment. If we reach out to those in positions of power in this way, we can have an impact. The difference with this course is that it is interactive and can be followed from any location. So, I believe, it has the capacity to get our message across and for lessons to be learnt,” said Elisabetta Tagliati, Programme Officer for the Rotterdam Convention.

The e-learning course explores themes ranging from how agricultural programmes can help to prevent child labour in agriculture in addition to the national and international legislation aimed at stemming current trends.

We would like to invite all interested parties to watch and work through the course.