Sub-regional Training Workshop for the Designated National Authorities on the Rotterdam Convention Focusing on Increasing Notifications

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The training workshop was attended by 33 participants from 9 countries. For all participants this was the first time to receive a comprehensive hand on training. For the DNAs or technical staff nominated by the DNAs, the knowledge acquired during the workshop is relevant for the effective implementation of the Convention. As the host country, there were a total of 15 participants from Indonesia representing a range of stakeholders. This had raised awareness of the Convention in the country.

Prior to the workshop, as requested, each country submitted a country report outlining the national regulatory system for pesticides and industrial chemicals, the current status of implementation of the RC and main challenges in fulfilling Convention’s obligations as the designated national authorities.

The workshop offered a hand on training programme with three case studies in break out groups on how to complete forms for import response, notification of FRA and proposal for SHPF. Further, tools and information sources for risk evaluation and bridging approach were introduced, in particular the FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit.

Overall achievements:

  • Participants fully understood the objectives, provisions and obligations of the Convention.
  • Gained an increased knowledge on the operation of the Convention and familiarized with the forms and tools.
  • An increased knowledge on how to use the FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkits and other sources of chemical information in the decision-making processes.
  • Exchanged countries’ experience in implement the Convention and forested cooperation among DNAs in the region; promoted synergies of Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention at the national level.
  • Identified follow up actions by each country, we well as needs and opportunities for future collaboration and technical assistance.

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