Support mission on the implementation of the project on identification and monitoring incidents of Severely Hazardous Pesticide Formulations (SHPFs) in Equatorial Guinea

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The training workshop brought together 17 participants of ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Health and NGO that will conduct pesticide use surveys, and other experts. Its achieved objectives were to:

  • Sensitize the policy makers (Minister of agriculture and vice Minister of Health) on the objectives of the project and also on key actions to be taken in order to strengthen the implementation of RC at national level
  • Present the proposed activities of the project;
  • Present an overview of RC and the Article 6 of the Rotterdam Convention of SHPFs;
  • Present and discuss procedures to identify SHPFs;
  • Update national work plans for implementation of the project.

The last day was dedicated to the training of the DNA on the key obligations of the Rotterdam convention and to discuss the status of the implementation of the Convention. DNA was trained on how to complete the different forms and to access to all information in the RC website.

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