Pesticides information database

The pesticide Information database allows the public to view information on products, active ingredients, and condition of use related to pesticides and other pest control products that are regulated by the national authorities of the Parties and non-Parties of the Rotterdam Convention.

The information in the database are grouped by:

  1. Countries
  2. Year
  3. Language

Additional Information:

According to Article 15 of the Rotterdam Convention text, the implementation of the Convention requires that:

1. Each Party shall take such measures as may be necessary to establish and strengthen its national infrastructures and institutions for the effective implementation of this Convention. These measures may include, as required, the adoption or amendment of national legislative or administrative measures and may also include:

(a) The establishment of national registers and databases including safety information for chemicals;

(b) The encouragement of initiatives by industry to promote chemical safety; and

(c) The promotion of voluntary agreements, taking into consideration the provisions of Article 16.

2. Each Party shall ensure, to the extent practicable, that the public has appropriate access to information on chemical handling and accident management and on alternatives that are safer for human health or the environment than the chemicals listed in Annex III.

3. The Parties agree to cooperate, directly or, where appropriate, through competent international organizations, in the implementation of this Convention at the subregional, regional and global levels.

In order to respect the requirements of Article 15 of the Convention, each Party shall make available to the public the official catalogue of chemicals registered in the country.


The database only contains information available on official national website sand shared by the Designated National Authorities of the Parties to the Rotterdam Convention.

The database is updated as the Secretariat receive new notification to this regard from National Authorities (last update: .