Task group reports for chemicals reviewed at CRC.6

Task Groups are created by the CRC to undertake a preliminary review of each candidate chemical and pesticide formulation scheduled for consideration by the CRC at its 7th meeting.

Each Task Group prepares a report which includes their assessment of whether the individual notifications and the proposal for a severely hazardous pesticide formulation meet the criteria set out in the Convention. The preliminary review by the Task Group is intended to facilitate the work of the Committee and does not replace the requirement for each of the candidate chemicals and the pesticide formulation to be considered by the entire Committee.

The draft reports posted below are the result of inter-sessional work by Task Groups and are to be finalized at the Task Group pre-meeting, which will be held on Sunday, 14 March 2010. These Task Group pre-meetings are open to all Committee members as well as to observers.

The final reports from the Task Groups will be made available to the whole Committee as electronic Conference Room Papers (CRP).