Inception Workshop on Pesticide Use Survey and Incident Monitoring

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5 - 7 February 2024

Highlights : Following up to the national action plan developed in 2022 and on request of the Designated National Authority in Malaysia, a project has been developed on survey of pesticide use and incident monitoring. The proposed activities will raise awareness, collect field data on pesticide use under prevailing conditions, monitor exposure and health impact. The project aims at enhancing national capacity in pesticide risk reduction, providing scientific data for future national regulatory decisions and effective implementation of the Rotterdam Convention, in particular Article 5 and Article 6. The project is developed by the Designated National Authority, Pesticides and Fertilisers Control Division, Department of Agriculture of Malaysia, in collaboration with the Rotterdam Convention Secretariat. It is funded from the FAO Regular Programme resources.

Organizers : The workshop is organized jointly by the Pesticides and Fertilisers Control Division of the Department of Agriculture Malaysia and the Rotterdam Convention Secretariat.

Working Language : English and Malay

Workshop objectives :

The national project on pesticide use survey and incidence monitoring aims at enhancing capacity in monitoring pesticide use in the field, identifying those ones that cause severe problems under the local conditions in Malaysia. The inception workshop is expected to review and familiarize with the tools for data collection, validation and reporting, and to discuss and adopt the workplan.

Target Audience :

Key stakeholders of the Rotterdam Convention from agriculture, health and environment sectors, including the relevant ministries and agencies as well as the private sector and NGOs.

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