Field Survey: Collection and Analysis of Data on pesticide poisoning incidents in farming communities in Suriname

Paramaribo, Suriname on 23 February 2023

Highlights: This validation workshop is the final step of the field data collection and analysis of pesticides poisoning incidents in Suriname, funded by the Rotterdam Convention Secretariat.

Organizers: Rotterdam Convention Secretariat in cooperation with Anton de Kom University of Suriname

Working Language: English

Meeting objectives:

  1. Project Service Provider to present the results of the pesticide poisoning survey to stakeholders.
  2. Stakeholders to provide feedback on the results and agree on how the results should be used to reduce pesticide poisoning in farming communities in Suriname.
  3. RC Secretariat and FAO Representative of Suriname to inform the stakeholders about the work of FAO and the Rotterdam Convention, and their assistance to the agriculture sector in Suriname.

Target audience: RC DNAs, researchers from Anton de Kom University Suriname, Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries and FAO Representative to Suriname.

Workshop documents


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All workshop objectives were achieved.

The Service Provider presented the results of the survey on pesticide-poisoning cases in farming communities in five districts in Suriname in a precise, detailed and appealing manner. Nickerie, one of the five districts within the survey, had reported a high risk for people living close to rice fields that were treated with pesticides via airplane. Three pesticides were most frequently reported as causes of accidental poisoning.

Stakeholders manifested their high appreciations for the workshop and the presentations and participated actively to the discussions, agreeing mainly with the recommendations provided by Anton de Kom University research team and most on the fact that (i) farmers, extension officers and agrochemical traders should be given regular training by extension Officers of the Ministry of Agriculture for the safe pesticide handling and adoption of PPE, and sanitation practices during and after pesticide application of pesticides; and (ii) that research and extension on IPM-methodology should be strengthened with a strong partnership between Ministry of Agriculture and Anton de Kom University, to encourage the use of biochemicals and biopesticides at national level.

All participants had an increased understanding of the obligations of a Party under the Rotterdam Convention, as well as FAO’s contribution to the implementation of the Rotterdam Convention, in particular with regard to pesticide risk reduction.

A total of 38 participants attended the workshop, of these in person 23 participants (10 female participants) and online 15 (6 female participants).

Further details on the activities in Suriname can be taken from the final project report submitted within a Letter of Agreement with FAO.


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