National capacity building workshop on pesticide exposure and vulnerable groups, empty container management for SAIM (International Fair of Agriculture held 16 to 22 April 2019)

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  • All participants, mainly from FAO Office in Morocco and gender focal points of UN Women, UNDP and IOM, are informed about the pesticide exposure and vulnerable groups; the gender gaps and challenges to be addressed in rural areas in Morocco and the overview on empty containers management (including cleaning methodologies such as triple rincage)
  • Five sensitization activities have been developed ad hoc in French for the training in Morocco and FAO staff in Morocco was trained to repeat them with the farmers during the SIAM at the UN stand in Arabic: 1) Role play on pesticide exposure: different scenarios 2) Draw your farming plot; 3) Body mapping; 4) Correct order of the different phases of disposal of empty containers and 5) Find the hazardous and the good practices on pesticide life cycle management
  • A video on the experience in Guinea Bissau: exposure scenarios and women was shared and discussed with the audience, checking similarities and difficulties
  • Clarifications and bi-lateral meetings have been carried out for adapting the sensitization sessions to national context
  • Brainstorming ideas on sensitization campaign in Morocco on empty container management using different tools: stakeholders mapping and capacity development assessment highlighting gaps and challenges in three dimensions ( individuals, organization and the enabling environment)
  • Documents, posters and materials including images on good and negative pesticide practices, triple rincage, pesticides exposure and vulnerable groups shared with the staff of FAO Office in Morocco

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