Field visits, group discussion and interviews with farmers, extension officers, Ministry of Agriculture on alternatives – IPM-FFS

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  • Brief the team and discuss methodology with the Director Eng. Carmen Costa and the technicians of the Directorate of Rural Extension and Agrarian Economy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment.
  • Decided the areas for participatory diagnostic in rural communities
  • Presented the project carried out at national level and the main findings on pesticide use and poisoning, vulnerable groups and alternatives and the opportunities under the Rotterdam Convention for promoting alternatives to hazardous chemicals.
  • Provided training and guidance to local extension officers and farmers, undertake group discussion in the agricultural plot of Santa Cruz, Ribeira dos Picos/ Ribeira grande, Achada Baleia in Sao Domingos, “Boas entradas” in Santa Catarina, Colonato in Tarrafal and Pico Leao. Cropping calendar exercise for main crops. Analysed with a participatory approach main problems with pests, main pesticides used. Raised awareness on the risks of certain formulations and the promotion of alternatives (IPM-FFS etc)
  • Visited companies of main agricultural inputs (seeds, pesticides, fertilizers etc) and discussed main farmers’ practices. 
  • Provided guidance and inputs to the draft report on FFS and agricultural situation and checked missing information
  • Met FAO Representative and coordinator to join efforts in technical assistance activities and possibilities for collaboration in the next future.Add Content...

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For more information of the workshop, please contact: Nadia Correale