DNA Guidance

The new Guide to the Designated National Authorities on the operation of the Rotterdam Convention is now available to be consulted and used by all stakeholders interested in the implementation and enforcement of the Rotterdam Convention.

This Guide is an essential tool for DNAs containing the ABC of the Convention describing in details all key elements and obligations of the RC. The information has been organized as an interactive booklet developed in Html5, designed to facilitate the reading of long documents on a screen.

The interactive DNA Guidance has a main index with links on chapter and sub-sections. The chapter text content can be scrolled vertically while at the bottom of the page arrows allow to load the go from one chapter to the other. Moreover each chapter offers a sub-navigation menu to identify sections and paragraph. The content of each chapter is available in PDF format for download. The interactive DNA Guidance is also available in a tablet version (Ipad, Android in portrait layout).

The Rotterdam Convention Secretariat is honored to thank the European Union for the financial support provided for the realization of this excellent tool for technical assistance activities.

The new Guide to the Designated National Authorities is available in English and will be made available in French and Spanish in 2014.

DNA Guidance - Desktop version

DNA Guidance - Tablet version