DNA contact information

Article 4 of the Rotterdam Convention requests each Party to designate one or more national authorities that shall be authorized to act on its behalf in the performance of the administrative functions required by the Convention. 

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Currently, the contact information for all Designated National Authorities (DNAs) for the Rotterdam Convention by country is available on the website of the Convention. The contact information for DNAs by region is also available here.  Additionally, the contact information of DNAs from countries in a given region that have already presented risk assessments that satisfy Annex II requirements is also available here.

DNAs, especially from developing countries, are encouraged to make contact with DNAs from their own region or from other regions to exchange information on risk assessment of chemicals. In particular, DNAs are referred to the process of bridging information where a scientifically sound risk assessment undertaken in one country on a specific chemical may be used by another country to take a final regulatory action on the chemical as long as similar local conditions exist for both countries.  More on bridging information is available here

DNAs may also contact the Secretariat to request support on matters relating to the risk assessment of chemicals and to obtain relevant information on the procedures for notification of a final regulatory action taken to ban or severely restrict a chemical in their territory.