Specific submissions

At this time, the Compliance Committee has not received any specific submissions from any Party for consideration. Members have nonetheless initiated work by requesting the Secretariat:

  1. Contact by means of a letter on behalf of the Committee the Parties that have not designated any national authorities pursuant to Article 4(a) of the Convention;
  2. Develop a draft template to facilitate submissions by Parties pursuant to paragraph 12 of Annex VII;
  3. Organise awareness raising activities aimed at improving understanding amongst Parties of the Committee, its objectives and mandate, including in conjunction with any technical assistance activity as appropriate.

The draft programme of work for the biennium 2024-2025 once again accords priority to dealing with specific submissions and proposes to explore lessons from implementation and compliance bodies of other multilateral environmental agreements that could inform the initiation of the Committee’s work pursuant to paragraph 13 of Annex VII.