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Protecting children from pesticides

Export notification procedure under Rotterdam Convention and the European Union

Severely Hazardous Pesticide Formulations (SHPF)

Rotterdam Convention Chemical Review Committee

Reducing Pesticide Risks and Promoting Alternatives in Guinea Bissau

Falcons Controlling Africa's feathered locust in Botswana

Delivering technical assistance of the Rotterdam Convention

Alternatives to highly hazardous pesticides in the Pacific Island countries

Growing Coffee without Endosulfan: Video Nº2 - Use of biopesticides based on the fungus Beauveria bassiana

Growing Coffee without Endosulfan: Video Nº3 - Using traps

Growing Coffee without Endosulfan: Video Nº4 - Monitoring and decision making


Cultivando Café sin Endosulfán: Video Nº1 - Uso de controles culturales

Cultivando Café sin Endosulfán: Video Nº2 - Uso de bioplaguicidas basados en el hongo Beauveria bassiana

Cultivando Café sin Endosulfán: Video Nº3 - Uso de trampas

Cultivando Café sin Endosulfán: Video Nº4 - Monitoreo y toma de decisiones

FAO’S Elisabetta Tagliati, explains the challenges and risks rural families – in particular women – across the developing world face in coming into contact with pesticides both while working in agriculture and at home.

FAO’s Gerold Wyrwal gives us this look at how the various conventions came into force; what they set out to accomplish and why they are already making a difference. He has this insight into the global trade in pesticides.

In Madagascar, locust swarms are threatening the livelihoods and food security of 13 million people. That's about 60% of the island's population. Our report explores the root causes of the problem and examines what is needed to resolve it.

A Madagascar, une invasion de criquets migrateurs menace la sécurité alimentaire et les moyens d'existence de quelque 13 millions d'habitants, soit près de 60 % de la population de l'île. Notre reportage en explore les causes et examine ce qu'il convient d'entreprendre pour résoudre ce problème.

Video message by Daniel Gustafson, Deputy Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), "Detoxifying Development:, How strengthened sound management of chemicals and wastes contributes to sustainable development", United Nations Environment Assembly, Nairobi, Kenya, 24 June 2014.

Videos produced by the UK Pesticides Action Network (UK PAN)

The Rotterdam Convention Prior Informed Consent Procedure






Conventio de Rotterdam Sobre el Procedimiento de Consentimiento Fundamentado Previo



Convention de Rotterdam sur la procédure de consentement préalable en connaissance