Regional meeting to review and pilot test a resources and information toolkit to enchance scientifically sound decision making on hazardous chemicals in developing countries


The workshop is organized by the Secretariat with financial contributions from the European Union.

Workshop Objectives

  • To familiarize new members with the role and mandate of the Chemical Review Committee and its bureau, as well as its operational procedures and policy guidance;
  • To provide a platform to exchange experience of the current and former members of the Committee and to transfer knowledge related to the Committee’s work;
  • To foster efficient working relationships among members of the Committee.

Target Audience

Members of the Chemical Review Committee


The workshop was participated by 24 members of the CRC including both newly nominated experts and those who currently serving in the committee. Plenary presentations, discussions and a series of group exercises using case studies were held for new members to clarify their role and responsibilities in delivering expected outcomes according the mandate of the committee and in line with the working procedure and policy guidance for the committee. Few current and past CRC members made the technical presentations and facilitated the group activities. They shared the past practices and experience in addressing related issues. Additionally the workshop also included a session on chairing and managing the contact groups of the meetings. The participants noted that the programme was comprehensive and very useful for their effective participation in related activities.

Workshop Documents

  • Opening
  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3
  • Session 4
  • Session 5

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