Chemicals and Waste Branch / Division of Technology, Industry and Economics / United Nations Environment Programme

The Chemicals and Waste Branch of the United Nations Environment Programme Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (UNEP DTIE) works to protect humans and the environment from adverse effects caused by chemicals throughout their lifecycle, and hazardous waste. It is the focal point of UNEP activities on chemicals issues and the main catalytic force in the UN system for concerted global action on the environmentally sound management of hazardous chemicals. More

Areas of cooperation between the Secretariat and UNEP Chemicals and Waste Branch are, among others:

  • In line with the 2013 synergies omnibus decisions taken in 2013, and Resolution 3 of the Final Act of the Conference of the Plenipotentiaries, the Secretariat cooperates, as appropriate, with the interim Secretariat of the Minamata Convention on Mercury in areas of mutual interest to the conventions.