The Rotterdam Convention Secretariat organizes workshops to deliver technical assistance and disseminate information to Designated National Authorities and other stakeholders. These activities take account of the technical assistance plan for the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions 2022-2025, which was adopted at the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties in 2022: UNEP/FAO/RC/COP.10/INF/17.

Workshops are designed and specifically tailored based on information provided and official requests submitted by Parties through the Designated National Authorities (DNAs). Through needs assessment questionnaires and in bilateral discussions, Parties to the Rotterdam Convention indicated that their highest priorities as follows: monitoring and surveillance of national exposure situations to support possible decisions on banning or severely restricting chemicals; support for Designated National Authorities and customs officers in implementing the Convention, legal and institutional frameworks, national coordination (including national action plans), monitoring and reporting of pesticide poisoning incidents related to severely hazardous pesticide formulations (SHPFs); obligations related to risk evaluation, labelling, and alternatives to chemicals listed in Annex III to the Convention.

We invite you to visit the Workshop library to learn more about the activities carried out in different PIC regions.