Regional Offices

FAO, through its Plant Production and Protection Division and its regional offices, provides support to countries to effectively implement and meet their obligations under the Rotterdam Convention.

The Plant Production and Protection Division   

The Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP) at FAO considers reducing reliance on pesticides as a principal element of its focus areas on Sustainable Production Intensification and Pesticide Risk Reduction. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes have demonstrated that pesticide use can often be reduced considerably without affecting yields or farmer profits.

FAO regional and sub regional offices

FAO has 5 regional and 10 sub-regional offices (shown in the tables below) that play an important role in the delivery of assistance to parties to implement the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions. Each regional and sub-regional office houses a technical officer that is responsible for plant production and protection. Regional staff represents a direct link between the regions and the Secretariat, which helps to ensure that the activities are targeted to the needs of countries. They are also in a unique position to facilitate monitoring of follow-up activities with countries. 

 Source: FAO, 2020

The Secretariat and FAO regional and sub-regional offices cooperate to develop and deliver technical assistance and capacity-building activities to assist parties with the implementation of the conventions.

  Source: FAO, 2020

In line with efforts to update the Decentralized Office network, new arrangements are constantly being sought to meet Members’ specific needs. A recent example is the placement of International Technical Officers to boost FAO’s support in a specific field of expertise in countries covered by multiple accreditation.