Important information for Parties in Arrears

If in arrears as per the figures in the status of contributions, the Secretariat encourages relevant national authorities of all the Parties in arrears to either
i) settle all outstanding arrears, or
ii) to agree on a payment plan in discussion with the Secretariat. 

Once completed and signed by the duly authorised national authority of the Party, please send the completed payment plan template to the Secretariat, to the attention the Executive Secretary. Address and contact details are available here, please use the Geneva office address. 

If a Party, who has been in arrears for 4 (four) years or more, commits and regularly pays its arrears according to the agreed payment plan, its representatives would then be considered for funding for “intersessional workshops and other informal meetings”, in accordance with applicable financial rules and with the decisions of the Conferences of the Parties No. BC-13/24, RC-8/17, and SC-8/27 on programmes of work and budgets for the biennium 2018-2019, as adopted in 2017.