Rotterdam Convention Secretariat FAO team (Rome) and their responsibilities


Mr. William James Murray
Executive Secretary of the Rotterdam Convention - FAO


William Murray is Deputy Director of the Plant Production and Protection Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAO. FAO's mandate is to raise levels of nutrition, improve agricultural productivity, better the lives of rural populations and contribute to the growth of the world economy. He plays a lead role in coordinating the ongoing development and implementation of FAO’s work on the sustainable intensification of crop production.

He holds a Masters degree from Queen’s University in Canada. He has worked for almost 30 years in the field of plant protection and food safety with a particular focus on international cooperation. He was Senior Officer in the Rome part of the Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention from 2000 to 2009. Before coming to FAO in 2000 he held senior positions in the Canadian Government in the Pest Management Regulatory Agency and Health Canada. He has served as Vice Chair of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for the Rotterdam Convention, the OECD Working Group on Pesticides and has chaired various international and regional Committees under NAFTA, CODEX and the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

Tel: +39 06 57056289


Ms. Christine Fuell


  • Coordination: Leading the FAO based part of the Rotterdam Convention (RC) Secretariat; organisation of programme of work; supervision of implementation of the RC;
  • Policy and technical advice: Coordination and support of RC meetings (COP, CRC); provision of policy and technical advice on pesticides;
  • Management: Day to day management related to RC and synergy activities and management tasks within FAO's Plant Production and Protection Division.

Tel: +39 06 5705 3765

Gerold Wyrwal  

Mr. Gerold Wyrwal


  • Technical Assistance: Strategic advice, co-ordination and implementation of technical assistance activities; development of programme for Technical Assistance with emphasis on pilot projects to assist Parties to improve their capacity to meet their obligations with respect to pesticides and SHPF; Resource mobilization;
  • COP and subsidiary bodies: Support organizing and convening of Conferences of the Parties and Chemical Review Committee meetings;
  • Supporting co-ordination: Managing financial and administrative matters

Tel: +39 06 5705 2753


Ms. Yun Zhou


  • COP and subsidiary bodies: Support for the preparation and execution of Conference of the Parties and Chemical Review Committee meetings; coordination of CRCs inter-sessional work; scientific review of pesticide related documents for the CRC;
  • Technical Assistance: Development and delivery of technical assistance with particular focus on Asia; technical and policy advice on pesticides.

Tel: (+39) 06 5705 4160


Ms. Elisabetta Tagliati


  • Technical Assistance: Delivery of Technical Assistance with particular focus on West Africa and Near East; preparing projects for Resource mobilization strategy;
  • Capacity building: developing information and training materials related to pesticides risk reduction;
  • COP and subsidiary bodies: Support for the preparation and execution of Conference of the Parties and Chemical Review Committee meetings;
  • Livelihoods: dealing with Food security and ILO Conventions for Child labor and Decent work.

Tel: +39 06 5705 6420


Mr. Mohamed El Hady Sidatt


  • Technical Assistance: Development and delivery of technical assistance activities with focus on Africa and Near East;
  • COP and subsidiary bodies: Support for the preparation and execution of the Conference of Parties and the Chemical Review Committee meetings.

Tel: +21670145700 / +21671906553
        Extension: 329


Ms. Inma Roda Martin


  • Coordination of administrative and logistics arrangements for COP and CRC meetings and technical workshops in the field
  • Financial reports and transactions;
  • Human Resources staffing actions (staff and consultants);
  • Liaison with experts, FAO offices and UN organizations.

Tel: (+39) 06 5705 5019

Mr. Gavin L. Wall  

Mr. Aleksandar Mihajlovski


  • PIC Circular: Prepares the semi-annual PIC - collects, reviews and verifies the: Import Response (IR) for pesticides subject to the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) procedure;Notifications of final regulatory actions (FRA) to ban or severely restrict pesticidesand proposals for severely hazardous pesticide formulations (SHPF). In addition co-ordinates translation into English, Spanish and French, ensures consistency across language versions, and ensures its publication (CD and web);
  • Technical Focus: Facilitates information exchange and provides technical input and support to the implementation of the Rotterdam Convention and the operation of its Secretariat.

Tel: +39 06 5705 2801



Ms. Alessandra Innelli


  • Data entry in database for PIC Circular;
  • Correspondence with stakeholders;
  • Recruitment of consultants, raising POs and follow up payments; raising travel authorizations;
  • Assistance in meeting preparation and logistics arrangements;
  • Formatting proceedings;
  • Compile, maintain, update and distribute inventory in various languages for RC publications;

Tel: +39 06 5705 3545


Rotterdam Convention Secretariat UNEP team (Geneva)