Candidate Chemicals

When two notifications for the same chemical from two different PIC regions have been verified to meet the information requirements of Annex I of the Convention, this chemical becomes a "candidate chemical" and is scheduled for review by the Chemical Review Committee (CRC).

When one proposal for a severely hazardous pesticide formulation (SHPF) from a developing country or a country with an economy in transition has been verified to contain the information required by Part 2 of Annex IV of the Convention, this formulation becomes a candidate formulation for listing in Annex III and is scheduled for review by the CRC.

Chemicals to be forwarded to the Chemical Review Committee

The following chemicals are scheduled for review by the tenth session of the Chemical Review Committee (CRC-10), to be held 20 - 24 October 2014.

 Chemical CAS No. Category 

Chemicals for which Decision Guidance Documents (DGDs) are under development

For each chemical that the Chemical Review Committee has decided to recommend for listing in Annex III, it shall prepare a draft decision guidance document (DGD). The recommendation together with the draft DGD shall be forwarded to the Conference of the Parties. The Conference of the Parties shall decide whether the chemical should be made subject to the Prior Informed Consent procedure and, accordingly, list the chemical in Annex III and approve the draft decision guidance document.

Please click on the name of the chemical in the table below for information on the decision of the Chemical Review Committee to include the chemical in Annex III of the Convention, the workplan for the development of the DGD and the composition of the group to draft the DGD.

Methamidophos 10265-92-6 Pesticide Under preparation
Fenthion (ultra low volume (ULV) formulations at or above 640 g active ingredient/L) 55-38-9 Severely hazardous pesticide formulation Under preparation

Decision CRC-9/4
Composition of the drafting group
Workplan Fenthion  
Decision CRC-9/3
Composition of the drafting group
Workplan methamidophos