Annex III Chemicals

In this section you will find the list of chemicals contained in Annex III of the Convention and subject to the PIC procedure along with the associated Decision Guidance Documents (DGDs) as well as any additional information.

What chemicals are contained in the Annex III?

The chemicals listed in Annex III include pesticides and industrial chemicals that have been banned or severely restricted for health or environmental reasons by two or more Parties and which the Conference of the Parties has decided to subject to the PIC procedure.

There are a total of 54 chemicals listed in Annex III, 35 pesticides (including 3 severely hazardous pesticide formulations), 18 industrial chemicals, and 1 chemical in both the pesticide and the industrial chemical categories.

The amendments to list decabromodiphenyl ether and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), its salts and PFOA-related compounds in Annex III enter into force on 22 October 2022. Parties are invited to provide import responses by 21 July 2023.

* Only the CAS numbers of parent compounds are listed. For a list of other relevant CAS numbers, reference may be made to the relevant Decision Guidance Document.