For information on how to participate in the second meeting of the Compliance Committee as observers, please see the notification to observers or the Procedures on admission of observers.

Meetings of the Compliance Committee are open to:

  • Parties and the public unless the Committee decides otherwise.
  • When the Committee is dealing with specific submissions, the meetings shall be open to Parties and closed to the public unless the Party whose compliance is in question agrees otherwise.

The Parties or observers to whom the meeting is open shall not have a right to participate in the meeting unless the Committee and the Party whose compliance is in question agree otherwise. Parties to the Rotterdam Convention, which shall be treated as observers in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of the Parties for the purpose of their participation in the Committee; and

(Reference: paragraph 8 of Annex VII to the Rotterdam Convention)

The observer admission procedure does not apply to observers from Parties to the Convention or to observers from the United Nations and its specialized agencies; the International Atomic Energy Agency; as well as any State not Party to the Rotterdam Convention. Representatives of Parties and those bodies can submit the registration form as indicated above.