Severely Hazardous Pesticide Formulations (SHPFs)

Certain pesticide formulations cannot be used safely under the conditions of use in developing countries or countries with economies in transition. Due to climatic, socio-economic or other circumstances, they might lead to severe health or environmental effects observable within a short period of time.

The Rotterdam Convention, under Article 6, offers an opportunity for these countries to propose such chemicals formulated for pesticidal use as severely hazardous pesticide formulations (SHPF) causing problems under conditions of use in the country.

Such proposals will be reviewed by a committee of experts in chemical’s management and the formulation in questions be eventually recommended by this Chemicals Review Committee for inclusion in Annex III of the Convention. If all Parties agree, this formulation will then become subject to the PIC procedure, a structured information exchange that enables all Parties taking informed decisions with regard to such a chemical and thus contributing to the protection of human health and the environment.

The Secretariat offers Parties the opportunity to receive technical assistance in setting up monitoring and reporting programmes and collecting evidence of poisoning incidents.

An SHPF kit is available, containing inter alia elements aimed at raising awareness of the problems, providing assistance in understanding the requirements of Article 6, supporting planning and monitoring activities and reporting of incidents to the Secretariat.

The procedures related to making proposals for SHPFs are outlined here.

The SHPFs currently included in Annex III of the Convention and the proposals currently under consideration for inclusion in Annex III are available here.