Database of Notifications of Final Regulatory Action

In this section you will find specific information regarding notifications of final regulatory action for chemicals received from Parties to the Rotterdam Convention.

What is a notification of final regulatory action?

Article 5 of the Convention sets out the obligations of Parties with respect to notifying the Secretariat of their final regulatory actions. If a Party takes a final regulatory action to ban or severely restrict a chemical for health or environment reasons, it shares the information with all Parties by notifying the action to the Secretariat. Upon receipt of a notification of final regulatory action the Secretariat must verify whether it meets the information requirements of Annex I of the Convention. If the notification is found to be complete a summary is prepared and published in the PIC Circular. The summary briefly describes the scope of the action and the reasons, including information on hazards and risks of the chemical to human health or environment and the expected effect of the regulatory action.

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