Call for Information on Trade

Call for information on trade in the candidate chemicals of which notifications of final regulatory action are scheduled for review by the Chemical Review Committee at its fifteenth meeting (8-10 October 2019):

Parties and other interested observers are invited to submit by 31 July 2019 information on ongoing international trade for the following three candidate chemicals:

Candidate chemicals  Notifying Party  Published in PIC Circular 
European Union XLIX (June 2019)
Thailand XX (December 2004)
Decabromodiphenyl ether
Canada XLVIII (December 2018)
Japan XLVIII (December 2018)
Norway XXXIX (June 2014)
Nonylphenols and nonylphenol
European Union XXIII (June 2006)
South Africa XLVI (December 2017)
Switzerland XXXVI (December 2012)

For each of the chemicals listed above, a notification of final regulatory action from each of at least two PIC regions has been submitted to the Secretariat in line with Article 5 (procedures for banned and severely restricted chemicals) of the Convention. The Secretariat has verified these notifications as being complete against the information requirements of Annex I of the Convention.

Process for collection of information on ongoing international trade

According to the criteria for listing banned or severely restricted chemicals in Annex III to the Rotterdam Convention, Annex II, paragraph (c)(iv), indicates that the Chemical Review Committee should consider whether there is evidence of ongoing international trade in the chemicals it reviews.

In line with the process for collecting information on ongoing international trade adopted by the Chemical Review Committee at its first meeting, countries and other interested parties are invited to submit information on ongoing trade and use of the above-listed chemicals.

  1. The notifying Parties are being requested to provide, where available, information on:
    1. the last time they imported the chemical;
    2. whether or not they manufactured the chemical and, if so,
    3. whether they continue to export it.
  2. The global industry associations are being requested to provide a response as to whether the above chemicals are manufactured and traded.
  3. NGOs dealing with pesticides or industrial chemicals are being requested to provide a response as to whether the above chemicals are manufactured and traded.
  4. Designated national authorities (DNAs) are requested to provide information on trade through the cover letter of the PIC Circular (PIC Circular XLIX issued June 2019).

Information should, as much as possible, be submitted in English, the working language of the Chemical Review Committee.


Information can be submitted by 31 July 2019 by e-mail, fax or surface mail to:

Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00153 Rome, Italy
Fax: (+39) 06 5705 3224

United National Environment Programme (UNEP)
Avenue de la Paix 8-14
1211 Genève 10, Switzerland
Fax: (+41) (0) 22 917 8098
Email :