Sub-regional workshop for three Portuguese-speaking African countries (Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and São Tomé and Principe) for sharing the results of the project and explore next steps under the Rotterdam Convention

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  • Results of the EU project (baseline study, survey in rural communities, legal gap analysis) shared with the stakeholders of the three Portuguese-speaking countries
  • Overview of the legislative framework on pesticide provided at national level and analysed the linkage with the regional perspective (UEMOA, CILSS, ECOWAS)
  • SHPF overview provided and analysed difficulties encountered by the three Parties in submitting SHPF proposals in the framework of the article 6.
  • Field visit on organic agriculture experiences in Cabo Verde and shared experiences on FFS during the training session allowed participants of the three countries to understand difficulties and potentialities of this approach.
  • Video on technical assistance and alternatives to hazardous chemical on Guinea Bissau positively welcomed by the audience.
  • Collected recommendations and identified priority areas by each Portuguese-speaking country during final group discussion (In Annex II) for potential new phase of the technical assistance under the framework of the RC.

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