Training workshop on Bridging guidance of pesticide risk assessments

Online sessions: 5, 7, 12 and 14 October, 2021

Highlights: Conducting environmental or human health risk assessments of a pesticide requires considerable resources on the part of a pesticide registration authority. Appropriate toxicological and environmental data must be available, local estimates of exposure must also be made, either through an appropriate model or by other means, and staff also need training to perform the risk assessment and its interpretation. Such resources and tools may not always be available from the registration authority. It is in this context that bridging serves to use information from an existing risk assessment, also known as “reference assessment” and then compared to the conditions of use in a second country or region.

Organizer: The workshop is organized by the Rotterdam Convention Secretariat, with financial support from FAO’s regular programme.

Working language: Spanish

Workshop objectives: To strengthen national capacities to conduct bridging of pesticide risk assessments, relevant to prepare and submit Final Regulatory Actions and proposals of Severely Hazardous Pesticide Formulations under the framework of the Rotterdam Convention.

Target audience: Government officers and other specialists responsible for the registration of pesticides.

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